We believe corporate social responsibility goes beyond simple monetary generosity, but includes the strategic integration of responsible business practices into every aspect of our work. Our productivity and sustainability are enhanced when we identify and utilise opportunities to support the community and environment in which we operate. For that reason, we generally work with charities in places we do business.

Over the years, the Kishinchand Chellaram Foundation has supported many projects and organisations, including:

The Community Chest, Hong Kong, which promotes the building of a caring society through greater participation and giving by the Hong Kong community.

The Hospital Authority, Hong Kong, which manages Hong Kong's public hospitals and their services to the community. More specifically, we have worked with the Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong.

The Sedan Chair Race Charities Fund, which is led by Matilda International Hospital, Hong Kong. Funds raised support charitable organisations that generally do not receive assistance from the Hong Kong Community Chest, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, or the Government.